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happy lny & precure

Happy kinda late lunar new year ! jiji had a lot of fun on new years ! jijis uncles gf owns a macaron cafe and hosts lion dances in front in the parking lot !! jiji looovveeesss the lion dance jiji would love to do / try it but . no strength or energy to do it lol . and also it was very loud ( the fireworks ) & there was .. a lot of people too .______. but it was still SUPPER fun !! asfter it was done we got some drinks from her cafe and jijis uncle handed out free macarons with lions on it ! its so cute but jiji hasnt tried it yet ( when ur uncles gf makes macarons . you get kinda tired of them ...(* ̄0 ̄)ノ ) but jiji is sure its YUMMERS ! n then there was a lny event going on in a park so we went but it was mostly food and kinda small but jiji still got a corndog ⁀☆ thats kinda all for new years but of course jiji got money .. 🤤 but thats all for lny :3

and now PRETTY CURE TIMEMEEEE oh my GOODNESS !!!! wanpre gets cuter and CUTERRR !!!! kinda got teary eyed bc jiji always thinks about their puppy when watching wanpre and jiji loves him sooooo so so much but KOMUGIIIIII ♡♡♡♡♡ IROHAAAA ♡♡♡♡♡ such a sweet episode AND CURE FRIENDYS TRANSFORMATION ???? SO CUTE . jiji is more of a fan of longer transformations ( like star twinkle ) but wanpres transformations are beautiful and cute so its ok ♡ ( and jiji is holding out hope that they are super quick bc we are going to get 6 cures ( satoru & daifuku ) so together in the group transf. it isnt like 4 mins long or something ) BUT THATSSS ALLL as jiji is writing this they are working on their graphics hoard ! technically the actual page is done jiji just has to compile it all together and organize it but ya

4/2/24꒱ - feeling: SOOO SOOOO GOOD

What a month !

man what a month jiji had !!!!!! it feels like jiji finishing their homesite right at the end of jan was like the perfect send off !! literally start of the year and it has been AMAZING ! and it feels like february is going to be great as well with all the things coming out !! wonderful precure , side order & more jiji cant remember OUGHHHDE JIJIS SOOOO EXCITED !!!! anyways anyways JANUARY !!! first to start off the year jiji went to the biggest local anime con on the 7th with their dad and it was SOOOOOOOOO FUN jiji also ended up getting in for free on accident but we arent complaining , saved jijis dad like $30 for the other ticket that jiji spent on merch XD ( jiji wants to talk about it bc its SO FUNNY but jiji is very much a teenager in highschool . but . jiji is 4'9" and built like a 2 grader ( and acts like one too ) jiji has basically been this height since 3th grade but jijis dad went in fully expecting to pay for both of us only for the ticket lady to assume jiji is under 11 and letting them in for free 😭😭😭😭 IT WAS SO FUNNY we speed walked outta the ticket area into the main con building and were laughing about it on our way home it was awesome )

ANYWAYS thats likw the one thing jiji remebers the most lol but jiji does remeber having an awesome month in january !! as jiji is writing this it is wanpre day and jiji is watching the first episode and KOMUGI IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEE she reminds jiji of their own pupper KOMUGI IS SOOOOO CUTE JIJI IS SOOOO HYPED FOR THE REST OF WANPRE !!!!! hirogaru was awesome but OUGHHGHGGHYUFTUHERDHUEERUUHYUHERGYUHWEU9327697HTF3 something abt wonderful is sooo .... jijicore ... maybe its cause jiji always liked the ' sillier ' precure seasons and wonderful looks perfect for goofiness but its only the first episode so we shall see !!! so excited for the rest of the cures !

anyways going to end it off here ! but january was awesome and february looks like it will be awesome too !!!!!

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second gaming journal entry !! ♡♡♡ jijis been more uma musume brained now and its ( almost ?? ) its 3 anni !!!! AND BIKO PEGASUS IS FINALLY HERE !!!! shes so cutie and silly ! jiji cant wait to get her and get her to 3 stars !!! also ... no valentines manhattan cafe alt .... but atleast jiji got bijins alt on their pc !!! also with like 4 hours of the event left jiji quickly got all the event quests done and got the special event limited title ..... thank goodness .... also champions sprint meeting is here but .. jiji doesnt rlly like champions meetings :/ league of heros is more fun and jiji gets more rewards in LoH bc champs meetings is more of a hardcore player challange and not like something a casual player like jiji could win it :/// but its whatever anyways thats all ♡ love uma musume all jijis homies love uma musume

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